GenerationJOY is a group of next generation advocates who are committed to using their voices and resources to work towards fulfilling Joyful Heart’s vision of a world free of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.

With a national GenerationJOY committee formed, Joyful Heart plans to expand the program to include other local chapters across the country.  If you are interested in starting a local committee in your area please email Karoline Katus at

Current GenerationJOY Committee Members:

Emma Lasry, Co-Founder Kaitlyn Harrington
Sophia Schrager, Co-FounderMeg Herschlein
Claire AbbadiJulia Lesh
Joe AboudMadeleine Lippey 
Adrianna BachichJosclyn MacDonald
Zoe CostanzoMegan Pierce
Mary Claire EcclesineBrooke Rahmanan
Brandon EliasKaty Rodriguez
Nicole FarkasSydney Sabean
Jess FleisherMelina Leodas
Lola Gatti Tess Schuitt
Kate Gordon  Cecliy Waud
Michael Gray  



GenerationJOY members are dedicated to meeting the committee’s collective fundraising goal by personally donating or securing financial support, pro-bono services or in-kind products; leveraging their time, voice and talent by volunteering, or advocating for the issues Joyful Heart seeks to address; serving on the host committee for, and attending GenerationJOY’s events; as well as actively promoting an understanding of and support for Joyful Heart’s work within their community.

The Committee members are also encouraged to start conversations about sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse; support and promote Joyful Heart’s advocacy and public awareness efforts; and actively recruit valuable members to serve on the committee and get involved.

Past GenerationJOY Events:

 Me&Ro Shopping Event 

SoulCycle Ride in Bridgehampton