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No Words: Boosted by NFL Controversy, Anti-Abuse Group Readies New Ads

Dec. 10, 2014
Jack Neff

NO MORE, the group formed last year to combat domestic violence and sexual assault, has won far greater prominence thanks to widespread airings of its public service announcements during NFL broadcasts in the wake of the league's domestic-violence controversy. Now, it's breaking a new wave of PSAs using unscripted outtakes from shoots for the original ads and showing athletes and other celebrities rendered speechless or on the verge of tears.

The initial ads in the "Anthem" campaign began airing earlier this year and have been on every NFL broadcast since Oct. 23. The campaign already has gotten more than a billion impressions and participation from more than 80 celebrities, making it one of the biggest PSA efforts ever.

The new round of largely silent "Speechless" ads was previewed on the NFL's Thanksgiving broadcasts and will get regular rotation starting Dec. 10 and 12 with airings on NBC and USA Network respectively, followed by another round of ads created specifically by and for Viacom, which owns MTV, VH1, BET, TV Land and Spike. Those ads will be shown widely on Dec. 15 on Viacom networks and feature celebrities from the networks' programs. They'll also run on NFL broadcasts.

"Domestic violence and sexual assault are hard subjects for everyone to talk about," reads the text of the new ads. "Help us start the conversation."


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