Influencing Sports Culture

As the national conversation about how to prevent violence and support survivors has grown, so has the need to examine the ways in which aspects of our culture must change to prevent and end violence. 

Joyful Heart focuses on sports culture. Sports brings people together in a remarkable way. Because of this, it is also represents an extraordinary opportunity: to engage in a collective dialogue, to let survivors know they are not alone, and to reach bystanders with the message that all of us have a role to play in ending violence. 

We work with players—role models and influencers—to speak up about these issues, thereby giving their fans permission to do the same. We have brought our NO MORE PSA Campaign to an audience of more than 4 billion. We host discussions through our TALK and Talk Story series, bringing together small groups of friends, colleagues and fellow community members to talk candidly and openly about these issues. We collaborate with non-profit colleagues, companies and sports leagues to engage men and influence the conversation.

Read more about some of our recent work below.

NFL Players Say NO MORE PSA Campaign

In fall of 2014, headlines about instances of violence and assault within the NFL dominated the news. This media attention brought unprecedented awareness and vital conversations around domestic violence and sexual assault on a national scale. In an effort made possible by the NFL, we responded to bring our NO MORE PSAs to NFL’s vast audience—100 million viewers a week. Nearly two-dozen players participated in the NFL Players Say NO MORE PSA campaign. The video campaign called for an end to the ignorance, inaction and indifference surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault.



See the full NFL Players Say NO MORE video and print series here.

TALK and Talk Story Discussion Series

Through our TALK and Talk Story series, we gather members of our community encourage conversation and discussion about these issues. Our discussions most often take place in homes, among friends and colleagues, facilitating an open and honest dialogue. A topic we frequently explore is engaging men and leveraging sports culture for change.  

Roundtable Discussion at the A CALL TO MEN National Conference on Advancing Sports Culture to Prevent Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Joyful Heart was a national non-profit partner of this 2015 conference, hosted by A CALL TO MEN in Charlotte, North Carolina. It featured voices of women and men from across the country representing the survivor community, advocates working to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault, members of the sports community and educational sector to discuss intersections of our work and shared vision of ending violence. Joyful Heart hosted a roundtable discussion about the NO MORE PSA Campaign, which reached 16.6 million fans each week during the 2014 – 2015 NFL season.

Your Voice Counts Campaign

We’ve been proud to partner with the Verizon Foundation on the Your Voice Counts campaign. Together with CBS Sportscaster James Brown, Mariska Hargitay, A CALL TO MEN, Verizon’s Hopeline and NO MORE, the Your Voice Counts campaign issued an important call to men to speak out against domestic violence.

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