In-Office Wellness Sessions

Joyful Heart’s In-Office Wellness program supports agencies in their efforts to create an environment of self-care sustainability. We understand that while there are signs and effects of experiencing vicarious trauma that can be shared by all healing professionals, each organization faces unique challenges around vicarious trauma, practicing self-care or engaging in healing work sustainably and as our best selves.

In-Office Wellness sessions are aimed at addressing both these common and unique challenges. Tailored to each organization, they can take the form of a dedicated discussion during a staff meeting, as a guided workshop on self-care and/or as an educational presentation on vicarious trauma.

These programs take place in an organization’s own work environment with staff members. Joyful Heart aims to make self-care and sustainability more accessible to staff members and to help organizations put practices and policies in place to formally address vicarious trauma and support employees in approaching their work sustainably.

“When you work [within your team], you feel isolated, like other people don’t really understand what you do and how you feel. Being here today with other clinicians, you know others understand what you’re going through. It’s reassuring and it’s very helpful to be here.”  

– Program Participant


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