Board of Directors

Mariska Hargitay, Founder & President

"My work with the Joyful Heart Foundation has brought me into contact with so many remarkable people over the years, and they continue to reinforce that profound lesson. Now we have an opportunity to apply that lesson together, and embrace the promise of change."

As an actress, activist and advocate, Mariska Hargitay has dedicated her time, talent and resources to be an inspiration and force for change. Putting her passion for healing, education and community involvement to use, Ms. Hargitay works to help not only survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse but other causes she is passionate about.

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Mark Alexander, Chair

"Sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse constitute some of the sickest and cowardly violations of fundamental human rights on defenseless victims. The work of the Joyful Heart Foundation helps transform these victims into survivors by walking together down a path toward safety, dignity and hope. I'm a fervent believer of this mission and deeply moved by their stories and courage."

Mark Alexander is a CEO and President of Alexander Investors LLC, a real estate management and private investment company. His career includes 25 years of Fortune 100 leadership. In addition to his corporate expertise, he is an active philanthropist.



 Tom Nunan, Secretary

"I am a part of the Joyful Heart Foundation because I believe in and support the vision Mariska shared with me several years ago. I'm proud to be a founding member of Joyful Heart and especially excited by the way it is growing and maturing into a world-class organization, without losing its hands-on, personalized approach to survivors of trauma and assault. Mariska's life force is what made Joyful Heart a reality; the team she attracted to the Foundation is what will make it sustain."

Tom Nunan is founding partner of Bull's Eye Entertainment, a leading independent production company responsible for the Academy Award-winning film Crash, The Illusionist, Thumbsucker, the Starz TV adaptation of Crash and many other film and television projects. He is the former President of UPN, President of NBC Studios and Chairman of the Hollywood Radio and TV Society. Mr. Nunan teaches once a year at the graduate school of TV and Film at UCLA and resides in Venice, California.


Stanley Schneider, Treasurer

"I come from a generation where topics of rape, domestic abuse and violence were swept under the rug. As a father of four girls, these issues moved into the forefront of my consciousness as a parent. It was no longer something that happens to other people but became something that could happen to my children. I am honored to be a founding board member of the Joyful Heart Foundation which has evolved from an idea inspired by people reaching out to Mariska to what is now a major force of heightened public awareness of the seriousness of these issues and the victims they affect. Thanks to Mariska and the hard work of everyone at the Foundation, no longer do these victims need to be silent and I am proud to be among those who now serve as their voice."

Stanley B. Schneider CPA is a founding partner and partner-in-charge of the Business Management Department for Gursey, Schneider & Co. LLP, one of the largest local CPA firms in California, where he specializes in entertainment, sports real estate, and taxation. Since 1962, he has represented the Autry family and many major performers, actors, directors, producers, and writers as a business manager and accountant. Schneider was one of the original founding officers and members of the Autry Museum Board of Directors along with Gene and Jackie Autry and Monte and Joanne Hale.


Beth Armstrong

"I am involved with Joyful Heart because I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of healing and empowering those who have been victims of abuse. Joyful Heart transforms victims into survivors offering them hope and enabling them to find joy in their lives. I’m honored to be a voice for this amazing organization."

Beth Armstrong had a successful career in post-production television and marketing. She was also an active philanthropist in LA for over a decade with a particular focus on issues that deal with women who have been victims of abuse. Beth has just returned to the west coast after living in London and New York where she became involved with Joyful Heart. She currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and three children.


Durk Barnhill

“I was drawn to Joyful Heart because of the audacious vision of the Foundation, which is to end sexual assault and domestic violence against woman and children. These issues have been taboo in our society but are, in fact, an epidemic in our society. What is incredibly exciting is that we are at a crossroads right now where we can actually see that our goal is possible. It is incredibly hard and important work.”

Barnhill is CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi New York and has a seat on the Worldwide Executive Board. The largest agency within the global network is home to a diverse portfolio of global and US brands, including Tide, Pampers, Cheerios, Head & Shoulders, Iams, Yoplait, Miller Lite and Miller 64, as well as Chase Sapphire, Lenovo, Folgers, Pillsbury, Capri Sun, Theraflu and Triaminic.

Durk is a natural advertising leader and coach of creative agencies, having previously been GM of Saatchi & Saatchi in San Francisco, head of the precedent-setting Miller Lite “Creative Superstar” campaign at Fallon Minneapolis, Worldwide Account Director at McCann Erickson on Nestlé USA, Head of New Business at Mother NY and most recently President of TAXI NYC where he doubled the size of the agency in one year.

He was a top soccer player at Trinity College and still plays and coaches every week. Durk has three children (all soccer players) and his Lovemarks are Chelsea Football Club, New York Rangers and the Manhattan Hotspur (his daughters’ nationally ranked U16 travel soccer team.) His commitments are to his team, to defining clear directions and to delivering results.


Andrea Buchanan

"I am a part of the Joyful Heart Foundation because I believe that healing a broken spirit is the first step towards healing the collective and creating a world full of possibility."

Andrea Buchanan is the editor of two anthologies, Note to Self and Live and Let Love. She has written essays for Glamour, Women's Health, Redbook, Fitness and blogged for Vanity Fair. Her short film, Room 10, starring Robin Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson, has won numerous awards. Before entering into the publishing and film world, she worked as a producer in television and was the recipient of a Women's Image Network award for her "Behind The Music: Sheryl Crow." She is currently working on a number of television and film projects and the novel that's been rattling around in her head for years. She lives in Los Angeles with Jason, Ruby, Blizzard and Wiley .


Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet

"I believe in the Joyful Heart Foundation because their therapeutic work, education and empowerment are perhaps the most important links to replacing hurt with healing while restoring trust and joy and dignity to those who have lost so much. Being a much needed voice for the issues of abuse and violence, Mariska gives all survivors the power to hope and us the fuel to follow her on the path to affect both change and legislation."

bluPRint founder and CEO Jill Eisenstadt-Chayet is an influential and highly accomplished marketing and publicity executive. She is a well-respected professional who has created expertly crafted campaigns for renowned corporations, brands, philanthropic causes and high profile individuals from the world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment.

She began her career at the PR company Keeble Cavaco and Duka in New York City and throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in the image of prestigious international brands including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Burberry, Frederic Fekkai, Ian Schrager Hotels, The Parker Palm Springs Hotel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jo Malone, NetJets and Victoria's Secret.

From New York City, she has lived in Los Angeles for the past 10 years with her husband and their two young boys.

Linda Fairstein

"I am a part of the Joyful Heart Foundation because Mariska's unique vision and inspiration have promised a healthy future to so many survivors without voices, and her grace and courage have brought light - and yes, joy - to the darkest corners of the human spirit."

Linda Fairstein, former prosecutor and best-selling crime novelist, is America's foremost legal expert on crimes of violence against women and children. In addition to her writing, advocacy, and media consulting on legal issues, Ms. Fairstein is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and a member of the International Society of Barristers. Ms. Fairstein lives in Manhattan and on Martha's Vineyard.


Peter Hermann

"I am part of the Joyful Heart Foundation because we play an exciting, innovative and important role in the effort to set things right in our society. Giving a person's joy back after it has been taken away does not mean giving that person a gift; rather, we are restoring something in them that was rightfully theirs in the first place. To be a part of that restoration is deeply rewarding."

Peter Hermann is an actor, writer and advocate living in New York. He is a graduate of Yale University and was a charter member of the Teach For America Teaching Corps. Peter’s acting credits span television, film and stage. He’s appeared in a recurring role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, co-starred in United 93 and most recently performed on Broadway in the Tony-Award winning play, War Horse. Peter is also Mariska's very proud husband.


Lynn Lally

"I am part of the Joyful Heart Foundation because I truly believe in Mariska's vision for abuse victims. Her endeavors have touched my heart and I am honored to be able to keep the vision alive. It is such a fabulous feeling to be able to give the tools to help the survivors go out in the world and feel comfortable and confident."

Lynn Lally has been active in philanthropy for nearly 30 years.  She has served as the president of the Parent's Association, of CASA (Community Against Substance Abuse) and of the Guild for Honolulu Museum of Art. In addition to her membership on the Joyful Heart board of directors, Lynn has served on boards and committees, providing integral fundraising and event support to organizations that serve her home of Hawai‘i, as well as communities across the country. Among them are the National Charity League,  Sayre Foundation—which provides equipment for first response team and lifeguards on the Big Island of Hawai‘i—the North Hawai‘i Hospice and the Oahu Humane Society. Lynn is currently the chair of Kama‘aina Christmas in Honolulu and serves on the Hawai‘i Community Foundation Leadership Council, opening doors to form new partnerships and providing support on initiatives for  Hawai‘i Island.


Valli Kalei Kanuha, Ph.D.

"I am honored to be associated with the Joyful Heart Foundation because you have chosen to connect healing with the very sacred and special place of my homeland, Hawaiʻi. The history and traditions of the Hawaiian people are based in values such as caring (mālama), doing what is right (pono), working together (laulima), harmony (lōkahi) and love (aloha). I embark on this journey with Joyful Heart because we share a common belief that healing, education/knowledge and empowerment incorporate these many values, and that all persons, places and things deserve to live in an environment filled with ao (in Hawaiian, ao is the word for light/illumination, but also for enlightened)."

Valli Kalei Kanuha was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaiʻi, to parents of Japanese American and Native Hawaiian ancestry. She has lived and worked in Minneapolis, Seattle and New York City, but since 1998 has resided in Honolulu where she is a sociology professor at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Kalei has been actively involved in the women's anti-violence movement in the U.S. for almost 35 years as a therapist, advocate, consultant, researcher and trainer. Her current research and community work focuses on using Native Hawaiian cultural values, beliefs and traditions to address intimate partner and family violence in Hawaiian communities. She believes in the power of healing from trauma, oppression and injustice through reclamation and restoration of positive spiritual, cultural and traditional practices, and is dedicated to bringing peace to her own Hawaiian community through knowledge and ally-building with all peoples who love and respect Hawaiʻi. 


Michael King

"I am part of the Joyful Heart Foundation because of their commitment to restoring hope and joy to those many survivors who might otherwise be left to overcome, alone, tragedies of a most personal and cruel kind, and who, without help, might give in to despair. For all such survivors, Joyful Heart will stand as a beacon of hope for decades to come."

Michael King is a private investor. He and his wife, Leah, have two daughters, Caroline and Catherine.



Andrea McTamaney

"I am involved with Joyful Heart as I believe in the power of healing the mind, body and spirit through meditation, education, empowerment and listening to your inner voice.  Knowing you are not alone, but have love, support and compassion from others can truly heal. You then can live a life of joy and purpose."

Originally from Australia, Andrea has spent the last 20 years traveling the globe with her husband and three young children—having resided in Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, New York City, San Francisco and Hawai‘i. She is now active in philanthropy and serves on boards and committees in the United States and overseas.  



Rev. Al Miles

"I accepted the invitation to serve on the Board of Joyful Heart Foundation because of the organization's commitment to address not only the emotional and physical needs of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse survivors, but also their spiritual needs. Survivors have often disclosed to me that their 'souls have been raped' by perpetrators of these three crimes. Thus, it is essential that we provide pathways to help heal the spirits, as well as the bodies and minds of survivors."

Al Miles is a board certified chaplain and national trainer in adult and teen intimate partner violence awareness. Since 1993 he has worked for Pacific Health Ministry as the coordinator of the Hospital Ministry Department at The Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu. Rev. Miles is the author of Domestic Violence: What Every Pastor Needs to Know, First and Second Editions (Fortress Press, 2001 and 2011); Ending Violence in Teen Dating Relationships: A Resource Guide for Parents and Pastors (Augsburg Fortress, 2005); and Violence in Families: What Every Christian Needs to Know (Augsburg Fortress, 2002). Miles has also served on many national boards and committees including as a member of the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women and the American Bar Association's Commission on Domestic Violence. 

Heather Mnuchin

"I am involved with Joyful Heart because I have never seen such strength rise from such heartbreak. Listening to and reading about survivors is so painful yet the rebirth they find through the Foundation's work brings a sense of hope back to the human spirit."

Heather Mnuchin's career spanned nearly 15 years in the retail and marketing sectors. Heather opened retail stores based on the show Sesame Street, after which she moved on to an interactive company that created and leased music listening devices to retail music stores.

In 1995 she returned to her entertainment roots and became VP of Marketing and Promotions for Planet Hollywood. While there she planned and oversaw the grand openings, celebrity tours and studio/film promotions After Planet Hollywood she moved back to the music business and worked as SVP of Corporate Communications at LAUNCH Media. After the company went public in 1999 it was sold to Yahoo! and is now known as Yahoo Music. More recently, Heather left the business world to start a family and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.

Christina Norman

With nearly two decades of excellence in media and recognized as one of the industry's most creative business leaders, Christina Norman is a multi-platform media executive and strategist.

An accomplished brand builder, Christina currently works as an independent consultant, advising traditional and digital media networks.

Previously, she served as CEO of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, managing all creative, strategy and operations for the network and leading the team through its January 2011 launch. Christina came to OWN from Viacom Media Networks, where she spent 17 years leading some of the world’s biggest media brands. As President of MTV: Music Television, she provided leadership, strategy and management for MTV, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Tr3s and During her tenure as President of VH1, she garnered widespread praise for rejuvenating the brand, helming a diverse programming slate and leading the network to record viewership levels. Prior to that, she served in a variety of creative positions at MTV, rising through the network’s on-air promotion department to head all marketing and on-air promotion, spearheading all marketing and brand identity for the MTV suite of channels and promotion for all MTV series and tentpole events including the Movie Awards and the Video Music Awards. 

Christina has been recognized with a variety of industry honors. She has been named one of Multichannel News' “Wonder Women,” included in Cable Fax's Most Powerful Women in Cable and 100 Power List and recognized in The Hollywood Reporter's "Power 100 Women in Entertainment." She received a National Public Service award by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for MTV’s "Fight For Your Rights: Protect Yourself" campaign. She serves on the Boards of BRIC Arts Media Brooklyn and the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Sukey Novogratz

"I am involved with the Joyful Heart Foundation because they use yoga and meditation to heal the hearts and spirit of survivors. I get to the cushion or mat every day and the message I receive there is clear: a joyful heart is our birthright that no one has the power to take away."

Sukey Novogratz is a philanthropist and a devoted supporter of the visual and performing arts, music education, international development and research in neurological science. She graduated from Princeton University in 1990, with a degree in Anthropology, and then went on to study fashion design at Parsons. Among the organizations with which she has a close association are: the Joyful Heart Foundation, The Acumen Fund, The Robin Hood Foundation, School for Strings and Princeton University. In recent years, Sukey has also been an active supporter of The Kitchen. Sukey is married to Mike Novogratz of Fortress Investment Group LLC, and they and their four children, Gabriela, Anna, Christian and Narcisco, live in Manhattan and Amagansett.


Chauncey Parker

"Jackie Robinson said, 'A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.' By that standard, the Joyful Heart Foundation is one of the most important organizations in the nation because of its impact on the lives of countless survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. I am delighted and proud to play even a small part in that effort."

Chauncey Parker serves as Executive Assistant District Attorney for Crime Prevention Strategies. Mr. Parker is also the Director of the New York/New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), a federally-funded program that invests in federal, state and local law enforcement partnerships designed to disrupt the market for illegal drugs. A veteran of more than 23 years in criminal justice, Mr. Parker began his career in the District Attorney's Office, serving for five years in the Trial Division and in the Office of the New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor. Mr. Parker next served for ten years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Mr. Parker left the Southern District to serve for five years as the Director of Criminal Justice for New York State and Commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, where he oversaw all state criminal justice agencies, including the New York State Police, New York State Department of Correctional Services and New York State Parole. In addition to his role with the Joyful Heart Foundation, Mr. Parker is also a member of the Board of the Police Athletic League and Harlem Day Charter School. 

Carrie Shumway

"I believe in the mission of the Joyful Heart Foundation—to heal the brave survivors, to educate our communities and crusade to end the violence endured by so many. Joyful Heart is a truly special organization that I am very proud to be a part of."

Carrie Shumway is a philanthropist. She began her career in brokerage sales at Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette and then in advertising sales at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia LLC. Carrie sits on the board of The Shumway Family Foundation, which focuses on education and youth development. She is also an active member of The Tiny Miracles Foundation. Carrie is married and has three children.


Noelle Wolf

Noelle Wolf was born in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 12 she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii with her family where she attended Hawaii school for Girls at La Pietra. Thereafter, Noelle attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the USC School of Cinema and Television.

After graduation, Noelle became interested in a different form of artistic expression, beginning her career in photography. She worked in both New York and Los Angeles as a photography agent representing world-renowned photographers in advertising, fashion, celebrity and music. She then moved into photography focusing on fashion and marketing. She represented fashion designers such as Ghost, Imitation of Christ, Rick Owens, James Perse and Erickson Beamon. Noelle’s clients can still be seen in Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, In Style and more.

In 2005, Noelle shifted her focus to the non-profit world. She felt that her skills could help in the causes closest to her heart. She has collaborated with and donated her time to the Princess Grace Foundation, Lupus L.A., The Jackson Lab and Friends of Acadia. In addition to her position on Joyful Heart’s Board of Directors, she currently participates as a board member for the Children’s Museum of Santa Barbara, the Alliance for Children’s Rights, Mount Desert Island Hospital and Hawaii School for Girls. Noelle spends most of her time between Montecito, California and Seal Harbor, Maine, with her husband Dick Wolf and their two children, Zoe and Rex, and their three dogs, three horses and two fish.

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