Wellness Days

Joyful Heart’s Wellness Days consist of a full-day program designed to help survivors heal from trauma in mind, body and spirit. Facilitated by trauma experts and trauma-informed practitioners, the day provides participants the time and space to explore healing modalities in the nurturing environment of community. 

Like all of Joyful Heart’s Healing programs, Wellness Days are designed to complement traditional talk therapy on the survivor's healing journey. The Wellness Day program is designed to engage the body through movement, the mind through creative expression and the spirit through the building of community—all with the aim of helping participants move beyond survivorship and into an experience of living life with joy.

Because we know that everyone heals differently, Joyful Heart’s approach is based on providing an array of healing modalities to survivors with the choice to try and engage in what feels right for each individual. Past Wellness Days have explored such modalities as yoga, meditation, laughter therapy, creative expression, dance and experiencing nature. 

Throughout the day, self-care and exploration of healing modalities is complimented by information on the impact of trauma on the body. Participants can gain further insight about what they may be experiencing in their healing journey and learn coping strategies that will support them along the way. Clinical support is available throughout the day for any who wish to utilize it.

We also know that violence and abuse can be isolating. Wellness Days seek to break this isolation and offer participants an opportunity to connect to a community and find support in others who have a shared experience of trauma.

“This Wellness Day was the first time I have ever been surrounded by fellow survivors. How powerful not to have to hide my emotions. Thank you for helping me feel again.”

– Program Participant 

Like Joyful Heart’s full retreats, Wellness Days are designed to offer survivors some of the best life has to offer: safety, compassion, connection, community and possibility. 

As with the retreat model, Wellness Days are currently being delivered with the goal of disseminating an evidenced informed model in the future, and as such, we are able to serve only individuals at agencies partnering with us on research and development. Thank you so much in advance for understanding. We remain committed to working diligently so that these services will be broadly available in the future.

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