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Watch now: Ilse Knecht, Joyful Heart’s Director of Policy & Advocacy explains why Texas rape kit reform is important.
What can you do to #SupportSurvivors? These tips are a good place to start. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about each one.
Join @taylorswift, @therealmariskahargitay, and our incredible community to #SupportSurvivors everywhere. Tap the link in our bio for tips.
Taylor Swift's courage to speak out and her generous investment in our work send a powerful message to survivors everywhere: you are not alone. What happened to you matters. These issues matter. Every survivor deserves to be heard, believed, and supported. We are grateful to @taylorswift for her generosity and courage, and we thank all those who join us in committing to a world where we boldly #SupportSurvivors. Visit our website to learn how you can support the survivors in your life.
Thank you, @taylorswift, for speaking out against assault, defending survivors, and boldly stating that victim-blaming is never OK.
Happy birthday to two of our favorites, @therealdebramessing and Peter Hermann! Thank you for your support, friendship, and joy.


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Oct 24, 2016

This quote has become my mantra since December 2015 but, I guess I should back up a little and start this post from the beginning.