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This week's #DVAM tip to #SupportSurvivors: Ask what more you can do to help. Visit our blog to learn more.
Join us and @NNEDV TOMORROW at 2PM ET for #Safety4Survivors, a bilingual Twitter chat for #DVAM2017! #SupportSurvivors
See you tomorrow, Brooklyn hearts! @stillnotaskingforit_flashevent
Last night, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed two important bills that will change the landscape for survivors of sexual assault. AB 41 requires the state to maintain and update information about the status of newly tested rape kits, and AB 1312 strengthens survivors' rights to be notified about their kits. We're grateful to our advocacy partners in California and our joyful community who made their voices heard on this issue, and we look forward to continuing our work toward full rape kit reform. Read more at #ENDTHEBACKLOG
Huge news out of California last night! Thank you so much to Gov. Brown for signing these important rape kit reform bills, to our advocacy partners in California, and to our joyful community for calling in and making your voices heard. Together, we can #ENDTHEBACKLOG.


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