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1in6 Thursday: The Cancer No One Talks About

August 27, 2015 | BY 1in6org | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
Sexual abuse is a cancer of the soul, and like any cancer; the best cure is love and understanding from family and friends.
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1in6 Thursday: Making Things Whole

August 13, 2015 | BY 1in6org | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
Recovery usually does not involve healing on the physical plane, but the healing of something that can best be described as soul wounds. The bleeding of the heart, the psychic suffering, the ghosts that do not sleep…
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1in6 Thursday: Those Flashbacks

I was older when my memories started to return. And they hurt. Deeply.
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How and Why We Need to Support Survivors: #TheEmptyChair and Ray Rice

July 31, 2015 | BY Maile Zambuto | FILED UNDER JHF BLOG >
In our mutual work to end domestic violence and sexual assault, it’s crucial that the starting point for our words and actions be those we work in service of: survivors.
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1in6 Thursday: When Healing Is Boring

One of many possible ways to define healing.
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1in6 Thursday: Raising Awareness on Campus with 1BlueString

By reaching out to young men on college campuses, we will encourage them to begin their recovery processes earlier in life, before negative behaviors and thinking become adult habits.
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1in6 Thursday: Finding Supportive Communities

I needed to find new sensory triggers that empowered me, that calmed me and helped me heal.
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1in6 Thursday: I'm Lonely

Nothing is as lonely as guarding our secrets. Nothing separates me more from other human beings than hiding part of myself.
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1in6 Thursday: Cartwheels

As a survivor, when I started my journey into recovery, I had no idea of who I was, who my authentic self was
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